Manage your pool remotely and completely wirelessly now! Using just 1 user-friendly application, wifi measurement sensors and the intelligent wifi plug, you can manage your pool water anytime and anywhere.

Wifipool App

Wifipool uses an unique concept: the Wifipool app connects the pool measurements (such as pH) to smart plugs after which the pool equipment such as dosing pumps can be controlled. This makes Wifipool usable with all existing swimming pool equipment. 

Wifipool measurement and control

Smart plugs, regulators, pH and chlorine dosing pumps are controlable via the Wifipool app. Also, the Redox, pH and temperature probes, flow and level switches are connected to wifi via the Wifipool app. 


Wifipool system

The Wifipool plugs, the wifi measurement sensors and the Wifipool app are all connected to one communication network : ‘the cloud’. The data from the measurement sensors (temperature, pH, Redox …) are displayed on the mobile device via the Wifipool app.

In case the values of these measurements are below the setpoint, a signal is sent to the Wifipool plug to adjust these values. For instance, if the pH is higher than 7.5, the Wifipool software activates the acid pump smart plug which will start pumping acid in the pool.



Wifipool has a wide range of applications. A few examples of what Wifipool is typically used for:

Automatically start-stop your filtration pump, control its frequency and monitor its electricity usage

Automatically start-stop a heat pump or electrical heater and monitor its electricity usage

Measure temperature, pH, Redox (chlorine), flow, water level or level of chemicals

Control a solar heating valve

Automatically control a pH and redox pump

Switch on the pool lighting

Control a salt electrolysis

Protects your equipment when no flow is detected. E.g : UV-light overheats when there is no flow



Once the control is set up via your wifi network, you can watch and control your pool anytime from anywhere in the world.

Wifipool has all features of a modern pool control system:

Pre-set values and conditions so that the installation of – for instance – a water treatment is extemely easy.

Ofcourse, all setpoints can be modified to the customer’s desire

Data can be visualised with graphics on the mobile phone app

Safety features which can shut down critical equipment when wifi connection is lost



The use of smart plugs for controlling the pool equipment makes Wifipool of great value compared to traditional pool control systems

Wifipool works with nearly any pool equipment, regardless of the brand

Wifipool is modular: the customer can start with a basic filter pump control and temperature measurement, and gradually extend the system to a fully controlled pool