About us

Beniferro is a Belgian company that specializes in high tec,  innovative plug and play pool products, offering a added value tot he end user. By producing and developing our products in Europe, we can guarantee functional and high quality and products.. Our products are especially designed for do-it-yourselvers  in the swimming pool market. The Beniferro pool products are designed and priced, to be usable in both inground and aboveground pools, hence covering a wide market potential.


Our goal is to bring technology tot he swimming pool as at a reasonable price. With Beniferro we create the best and most convenient products for the automated maintenance, heating and water quality control of the swimming  pool.  


At Beniferro we want to modernise the pool-industry with high quality products mainly focussing on great value and easy installation. Meanwhile we also focus on reducing the ecological footprint of the pool-industry. We think that a large part of the modern swimming pools (such as the smaller inground pools and the large aboveground pools), can be optimised with our automated control equipment.

Corporate information 

E-mail: info@beniferro.eu

Tel. nr: +32 (0)468 41 84 29

Tel warehouse (for delivery only): +32 15 509 609

Invoicing address:

Industrieweg 9

B-3190 Boortmeerbeek


VAT: BE0838224708

Delivery address:

Leuvensesteenweg 124



KBC Bank: IBAN BE59 7310 1945 3626