Beniferro is a Belgian producer of innovative swimming pool products. We focus on price, quality and comfort. Most of our products are wireless so these products give the consumer the best experience possible.

Our products can be bought through our distributors. Not yet a distributor in your country? Contact us and we will help you further.

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Our products have a warranty of 2 years.


An EPDM solar heater is a cheap and ecological way to heat your pool naturally. It is heated by the use of EPDM panels, which have tiny tubes in them. These panels are put underneath the sun heat and can reach temperatures of 50°C. Water is running through the tubes while the sun shines and this way your pool water can be heated up to 6 °C/day.

An EPDM solar heater is very reliable because of the possibility to combine it with a heat pump, which makes it 100% reliable. When the sun does not shine and the panels are cold, a heat pump can take over the heating process. This provides a constant desired temperature.

We made the construction of the EPDM swimming pool heater as easy as possible. It can be placed by a single person and can be installed in matter of an hour.

The surface you need for your EPDM panels is not to be overlooked at before buying. A rule of thumb is at least half of the surface area as your swimming pool.

This can be seen in one of our repair videos about EPDM on YouTube.