EPDM Solar heating kit

EPDM Solar heating kit

The EPDM Solar Heating is an inexpensive and environmentally friendly way to heat a pool. 

The mat can increase temperature up to 6C° per day. Our EPDM systems can be used with almost every type of pool. With the help of the filtration-pump, water is pumped through the solar collectors. The water is heated by the sun as it flows through the dark and retaining matting. The heated water then flows back into the pool, heating up its water. The total heat output depends on various factors such as weather coditions and laid surface area. 

We have EPDM 2,3,4,5 and 6 meter variety to make sure there is an option for any size of pool. If wanted made to measure production of EPDM is possible, with an indicated production time of 2 weeks. weeks.


Why choose for EPDM?

  • Used for indoor and outdoor pools
  • Used for above ground and inground pools
  • Heats pool up to 6°C/day 
  • Temperature resistance -35C° up to 120C°
  • Chlorine and salt resistant
  • Manufactured in Belgium
  • This EPDM system can also be used in winter or in combination with a heatpump

Order your EPDM kit now

  • Plug and play products
  • Easily installed and combined with your swimming pool
  • Our systems are a a great value

The EPDM solar kits are available via our dealer network in your country. Contact us if there is no dealer in your country.


The EPDM kit can easily be combined with an  automated control systems like Benisol or Wifipool.

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The solar collectors are as easy to install as the come, clicking together with ease.


Compared to other heating solutions energy is only used to mump water through pipes. All the heating is done by the sun, making this heating type as ecological as it can be.

Great value

EPDM is much cheaper than any other heating method: heat pump or natural gas. This makes EPDM the preferred choice of many pool owners.



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