Pool Twin Display Control

Pool Twin display control

The Pool Twin is a pre-assembled fully automated pH and chlorine dosing device. The entire machine is controlled by a microprocessor that allows you to digitally read the values of the pool water on a display, and adjust dosing/ setpoints for both pH- (or pH+) and chlorine in different languages (Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian). The instrument makes sure acid (base) and chlorine are never dosed at the same time, avoiding possible decomposition of liquid chlorine into gaseous chlorine. Moreover, the pH and chlorine setpoints are approached in a proportional manner: the closer to the setpoint, the slower the chemicals are added to the pool, avoiding overshoot or oscillations. The pool twin is delivered with two rubber 50 mm connections, making it easy to connect to your current system. The probes are included in the package. After a single step calibration the system is ready to use. 

The pool twin is available via our dealer network in your country. Contact us if there is no dealer in your country.

For the optimal water

  • Controls chlorine level automatically            
  • Controls pH level automatically                       
  • Avoids excessive use of chemical products
Installation and maintenance materials

Accessories for the installation and maintenance of the Pool Twin

Spare parts

Spare parts for all Pool Twin appliances


This device is also available in a wifi-using version



Possibility of dosing pH+ and pH-

Proportional or continuous dosing

Alternating dosage of chlorine and pH

Indication of dosing intensity

Easy setpoint modification

Automatic safety stop

One touch calibration

Connectable to 50mm tubing without glue



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