TLF Module​

TLF Module

Temperature, Level and Flow measurement

TLF Module

The Wifipool pH module allows you to measure three important parameters of your pool via the Wifipool application. First of all, you can measure the temperature of your pool and the temperature outside. This gives the user the ability to control its heating solution. Secondly the level switch has the ability to measure if the pool gets too low. This way, the user would receive a notification via the app to prevent the pool from draining in case of a leak. Lastly the TLF Module can also measure the flow of your system. This allows the user to install extra safety features on the pool. For example, the user could use the flow switch to automatically switch off a UV lamp or a dosing pump when there is no flow detected. This prevents damage to the connected devices.


Temperature sensor

Measures the temperature of your pool or the exterior temperature.

Flow switch

Measures if there is flow in your pool system.

Level indicator

The level indicator has the ability to measure the level of your pool.